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Choate BBQ
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Mon 10/19
Love at Wurst Sight
Tue 10/20
Side Burners BBQ
Wed 10/21
Dominic’s Wood Fire
Thu 10/22
Low-Co Motion
Fri 10/23
Sat 10/24
Lil’ Bites
Sun 10/25
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Today's Truck

Choate BBQ

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We started out just smoking meats in the back yard for ourselves and for get togethers with family and friends. We soon learned that we were on to something good and were strongly encouraged by our friends and family to do something to get this out there to the public. We began catering some weddings for friends and providing food for church events while we figured out what was next. We decided that we wanted to start a food truck and catering business. We look forward to bringing you great craft BBQ at different locations around town.

BBQ Mac & Cheese

Your choice of meat

Loaded Fries

Fresh cut fries loaded with choice of meat

BBQ Nachos

Your choice of meat topped with a dangerously addictive made-from-scratch cheese sauce, coleslaw, sour cream and BBQ sauce

BBQ Tacos

Your choice of meat coleslaw, sour cream and BBQ sauce

BBQ Sandwiches

Your choice of meat

BBQ Plate

Your choice of meat


Baked Beans
Brunswick Stew
Fresh Cut Fries
Mac n Cheese
Kettle Chips